Below are some step-by-step walkthrough guides for adding Growth Minded Marketing to your Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager accounts.

Login to Google Ads here:

1 . Click the “Tools” icon near the top-right

2.  Click “Account Access”

3. Click the big blue plus icon

adding GMM to Google Ads

4. Enter

5. Set the Access level to  “Admin”

6. Click “Send Invitation”

7. You’ll receive an email with subject line “Your account is now linked to a manager account.“

This is just a notification that you’ve added Growth Minded Marketing to our Google Manager (MCC) account.

Adding user GMM to MCC

1. Login to Google Analytics here:

2. Go to “Admin” then to “User Management” under the “Account” column.

adding to GA

3. After, entering “User Management,” press the big blue Plus icon at the top right

4. Select “Add New Users

5. Enter

5. Check the “Edit” permissions box

6. Check the “Manage Users” permissions box

7. Press “Add” at the top-right

adding GMM to GA

1. Navigate to

2. Click the burger menu in the top left next to the Google Search Console logo

3. Click “Search Property” and select your Domain

Adding GMM to GSC

4. Click “Settings” in bottom left

5. Click the “Add User” button in the top right

6. Under “Add User”, enter with “Full” permissions.

7. Click “Add”

Adding GMM to Google SC

1. Navigate to

2. Click “Admin”, then “User Management”

3. Click the large blue plus button in the top right, then “Add Users”

Adding GMM to GTM container

4. Add
5. Under “Account Permissions”, select “Administrator”

adding GMM to GTM

6. Under “Container Permissions”, Click “Set all”

7. Select “Publish” and click “Done”

8. Click “Invitation” in the top left

Adding us to GTM