Even with exceptional site content, website technical flaws can seriously impact your organic search performance.

Our Technical SEO capabilities

Site Structure & Internal Linking

Our technical SEO team meticulously optimises your site's structure and internal linking, ensuring a solid foundation for both crawlers and users. By strategically organising your content and establishing a seamless internal link structure, we enhance your website's visibility and user experience, driving valuable organic traffic and boosting business growth.

Website Indexation

With our deep understanding of search engine algorithms and indexing processes, we ensure that your website's pages are properly indexed and accessible to search engines. Through our meticulous technical optimisations, XML sitemap management, and proactive monitoring, we maximise your website's indexation potential, ensuring that your site content gets discovered search engines and your target audience.

Log File Analysis & Crawl Optimisation

Log file analysis and crawl optimisation enables us to identify crawler issues, resolve errors, and improve crawl efficiency. With the data generated by crawlers, we optimise your website's crawl budget, improve page discoverability, and ensure that your site content receives the attention and organic visibility it deserves.

JavaScript SEO & Single Page Applications

Our expertise in JavaScript SEO and single page applications allows us to optimise websites that heavily rely on dynamic content loading and interactive elements. We employ advanced techniques to ensure proper indexing, rendering, and crawlability of JavaScript websites.

New website builds

Our technical SEO specialists guide and support the process of building a new website from an SEO perspective. We'll ensure that your new website is designed and developed with search engine best practices in mind, including proper URL structures, optimised metadata, mobile responsiveness, and site speed - laying a strong foundation for organic success from the start.

International Targeting

Through our international targeting expertise, we help brands position themselves for global success, driving targeted international traffic and unlocking new business opportunities. Our strategic technical SEO tactics will help optimise your website for international audiences, including hreflang implementation, geo-targeting signals, localised content, and international URL structures.

E-commerce SEO

We support B2C and DTC e-commerce brands develop SEO strategies to optimise product pages, category structures, and site architecture. We'll elevate your e-commerce website's visibility and customer acquisition through comprehensive keyword research, on-page optimisations, structured data implementation, and technical enhancements.

Core Web Vitals & Page Speed

Through analysis we'll identify ways to enhance your website's loading speed and Core Web Vitals metrics. By providing users with a seamless browsing experience and meeting search engine requirements, we'll help elevate your brands organic performance and drive valuable business outcomes.

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"Navigating the intricacies of technical SEO can be daunting. With a focus on clarity and value in our digestible technical documents, we simplify the process and empower businesses to leverage technical optimisations that cut through the noise and deliver measurable growth."

- Ray Olaibi, SEO Lead & Managing partner

Ray Olaibi growth minded marketing

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Ways we can work together

Whether you require expert advice, project-specific support, or an ongoing collaboration, we’re committed to delivering exceptional results and helping your business thrive in the competitive and ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our SEO Consultancy service provides comprehensive guidance and strategic insights tailored to your unique business needs.

As our client, we collaborate closely with you, leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge to analyse your current SEO performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations.

With our consultancy approach, we empower you to make informed decisions, optimise your SEO efforts, and achieve sustainable results.

For clients seeking focused assistance on specific SEO projects, our Project Support/One-Off service offers targeted support.

Whether it’s conducting a website audit, keyword research, or implementing technical optimisations, we bring our expertise to tackle your specific SEO requirements.

With our dedicated support, we’ll ensure that your project receives the attention it deserves, delivering high-quality outcomes within agreed timelines.

Our Ongoing Support service is designed for clients who require continuous, long-term partnership to drive their SEO success.

We position ourselves as an extension of your team, working closely with stakeholders on an ongoing basis to develop and execute an effective SEO strategy.

Through regular monitoring, optimisation and reporting, we stay ahead of algorithm updates, industry trends, and evolving user behaviours. We provide ongoing support to maximise your organic visibility, traffic and revenue.

Technical SEO is our bread and butter.

Let us help you improve your website’s crawlability, indexing, and rankings through our comprehensive technical SEO services.

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